Why? Where? What? When? Who? How?

You will require 

  • Make 6 cards (see template) 
  • A dice of any size 

This is a game that can be used to facilitate a conversation with children / young people in order to share their views about particular subjects. The game can be played by individuals or in groups. The rules are simple. 

To play the game ensure that everyone knows what you are discussing. For example: 

  • Church 
  • Worship 
  • Youth / children’s group 

Role the dice and the number that is rolled will indicate which word you use to have an open and honest discussion (allow 2 minutes). Place the relevant card in the middle of the group so that they remain focussed. After the two minutes are up, roll the dice again, it doesn’t matter if you land on the same numbers as there may be more to say. If you have exhausted that particular area, someone can pass and you roll the dice again. 


  • 1 = WHY? Discuss why they go to church, youth / children’s group 
  • 2 = WHERE? Discuss where the groups / church takes place or about buildings, locations, places for residential or day trips 
  • 3 = WHAT? Discuss what they do at church of in the group, what they like, don’t like, would like to do in the future 
  • 4 = WHEN? Discuss when things take place, are they the best times or days 
  • 5 = WHO? Discuss who goes, who could be included, who helps, who could help or who has authority (be careful things don’t get personal) 
  • 6 = HOW? Discuss how things could change, improve or be done differently 

It would be good for someone to take notes on the key points discussed. These can then be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

Card Templates

Page PDF - Colour Page PDF - Grey