Vox Pop

You will require 

  • A video camera 
  • A space to interview in 
  • Some simple questions 

For this activity you will be asking individuals (or pairs) in an interview style to comment on what they think about a subject. 


  • Church 
  • Their youth / children’s group 
  • Worship 
  • The way the church reaches out to the local community 

Let the children / young people know what you are interviewing them about and what it will be used for. Try not to let them know the actual questions in advance. The idea is to capture their initial responses and body language, not a staged response. Set up the interview, set the camera rolling and ask a few direct questions. If you are interviewing a number of children / young people make sure that you ask them same questions. Don’t worry about mistakes as they can be edited out. 

Examples of questions: 

  • How would you explain church to an alien who has no idea of what church is? 
  • What do you like about church? 
  • What do you not like about church? 
  • If you could change one thing about church, what would it be? 

Edit the vox pops and agree with the children / young people if they are happy for it to be shown to others. These can be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders. It could also be posted on YouTube (after obtaining permissions).

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