Thumbs up?

Good for...

  • capturing a snapshot of opinion before going into a discussion
  • allowing less vocal members of a group express an opinion without needing to use words
  • coming to a group consensus about a particular way forward

You will require 

  • A set of 3 'thumb cards' for each participant
  • A way of recording the responses 


  • Chose a subject/theme for the session (there are suggestions below)
  • Consider what follow up questions you might need to continue a discussion.

What to do

  • If necessary, explain that each card represents LIKE (thumbs up), DISLIKE (thumbs down), NOT SURE/NEUTRAL (thumbs level)
  • Play a few warm up rounds e.g. 'What do you think of bananas?', 'What do you think of the colour red?'
  • Introduce the main theme with a 'What do you think about...' question
  • Continue the discussion by asking the participants why they responded as they did. What might help to change the way they feel?
  • How would the participants like to let the PCC/activity leaders know what they feel?
  • Reflect - have you learned/ How might that feed in to what you (or the church) do? Who can help things to change?

Suggested topics: 

  • What do you think about church? (Follow up questions: Which parts make you feel that way? How might things change?)
  • What do your friends think about God/church ? (Follow up questions: Why do you think they feel that way? How might the church/you help them to think differently?)
  • What do you think about our all-age/youth service? (Follow up questions: Which parts make you feel that way? How could you help to make a difference?)
  • Our church is planning to (building project/mission activity/new service). What do you think about that? What makes you feel that way? How could you be involved and make a difference?) 
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