Talking Pictures

Good for...

  • Getting a snapshot of a child/young person's view of church.
  • Understanding how children/young people 'read' the church building.

You will require 

  • An empty church building 
  • Enough digital cameras for the group
  • Some means of showing pictures (either on a laptop or printed on paper) 

What to do

  • Gather in the church. Ask your group to imagine that someone has arrived who has never been in a church before.
  • Their task is to take 5 photos which will help the visitor find out what the church is for and what happens.(This can be done individually or in 2s & 3s.)
  • There is no need to give suggestions as to what to photograph!
  • They can add a caption (if they wish) to each photograph to help make things clearer.
  • Print or project the photographs and ask the photographers to tell you why they choose those images. (It might be useful to have someone noting what is being said.)
  • Turn the images into a display (printed) or PowerPoint (digital) and ask the photographers to add any captions.
  • Reflect - what have you learned? How might that feed in to what you (or the church) do? Who can help things to change?

Do it differently

  • Work with the group to turn their photographs and captions into a 'guide' for inclusion on your church website.
  • Ask the children/young people to photograph 5 significant people in their church community
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