Table Top Activity

You will require 

  • Roll of lining paper or table cover paper 
  • Pens 
  • Scissors 

Place the lining / cover paper on to a table/floor and ask a series of questions. Invite the children / young people to write their responses on to the sheets of paper. After each question you could tear off the section with their responses so that you have a clear indication of what was said in response to each question. Alternatively you could draw a line down the sheet to indicate that you have moved on to the next question. 

For example you could ask the children / young people: 

  • What church / their youth / children’s group might look like in the future if they had their say? 
  • How might the church conduct a mission to the local school? 
  • What would worship look like if they were in charge? 
  • How could the PCC better include the voice of the young? 
  • What would be the three main things they would like in their new vicar? 

Encourage discussion whilst they are responding to the questions. When all of the questions have been answered, invite the children / young people to identify and agree on a few priorities. Invite them to cut out the statements so that they can be typed up. These can be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

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