Post-its Ideas Storm

Good for...

Getting quick responses/reactions to a topic

You will require 

  • Flip chart paper or large sheets of paper with pre-prepared questions or statements (see suggestions below or create your own). Limit the number to 2 or 3.
  • Post-it notes 
  • Pens and pencils 

What to do


Divide the children / young people into groups and give each group some post-it notes and a pen. Write some questions or statements on to some sheets of paper. For example 

then ask the groups to write their ideas onto post-it notes, one idea per post-it, and stick them on to various sheets. When ideas are generated, give each group a sheet and allow them to put Post-its with similar ideas together. 

Once all of ideas are collected, gather the children / young people together and feedback. 

Write up the ideas from Post-its and feed back the main themes to the PCC and other stakeholders. 

Suggested questions/statements

  • What would you like our new Vicar to be like/do?
  • How could our church show God's love to the wider community?
  • What could you do to show God's love to others?
  • Why do you come to church?
  • How could our church get more involved with your school?
  • Why do you think the church needs money?
  • What would you like to change about church?

Do it differently

Write the statement/question in the centre of a piece of paper and have the younhg people scribble their responses round the outside

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