Parachute Conversation

You will require 

  • A parachute 
  • Some questions 

Play a few familiar parachute games to warm the group up. You could even introduce a few decision making games using the parachute. 

Explain that you are going to discuss a few questions on a particular subject by making a parachute mushroom. This is done by wafting the parachute in to the air, taking three steps forward and bringing the outer edge of the parachute down over the outside of the group. Everyone then sits simultaneously on the inner edge of the parachute trapping the air inside. 

Example subjects might include: 

  • Why they go to church and what they like or dislike about it? 
  • How church might look if they were in charge? 
  • What they like or dislike about their youth / children’s group? 
  • What they would most like to see in a new vicar or youth / children’s leader? 
  • How they can share their faith with others? 
  • How the church can reach out to the local community? 
  • What they would do in an event that you are planning? 

Whilst the air is in the mushroom, ask a question and invite suggestions. The air will eventually seep out of the mushroom. When it does, create another mushroom and ask another question. 

Have an adult leader outside of the parachute mushroom recording what the children / young people say. This can then be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

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