Paper Chains * adapted from Children’s Society

You will require 

  • Coloured paper chain strips 
  • Flip chart paper 
  • Pens 

Explain that you are going to be looking at the things that they like most about: suggestions: 

  • Church 
  • Their youth / children’s group 
  • The way that the church reaches out to the local community 

This activity works for a large, small, mixed gender or same sex groups. 

Start with an open discussion with the children / young people on the chosen subject (for instance church). During the discussion identify five or six main themes about church and write them on a piece of flip chart paper. Then allocate a colour paper-chain strip to each theme. Example 

  • Red: Music and singing 
  • Blue: Bible reading and sermon / talk 
  • Yellow: The prayers and the words that are said (liturgy) 
  • Green: The people at church (including their friends) 
  • Orange: Taking communion 
  • Purple: The time before and after services 

Then invite the children / young people individually to pick the aspect of church that is most important to them by choosing a colour paper-chain strip. When they have chosen their colour they can write on the strip why they have chosen it. Create a paper-chain by joining the corresponding colours (all yellows together, all reds together etc.) Remember to leave one strip of each colour un-stuck to join the colours in to one long chain. When complete hold it up for all to see. From this you will be able to analyse the things that are most important to them about church. If this is done in same sex groups you could have a boy chain and a girl chain, this will show what is most important to each gender. 

You could discuss this further and read out some of the things they have written on the paper chains. These can be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

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