Model Say

You will require 

  • Paper plates or sheets of paper 
  • Play-Doh, Lego or similar 
  • Pens 

The idea is to allow the children to free-play whilst making a model of church, or their children's group. The hope is that they will include some of the things they like or don’t like about it. 

In small groups give the children the materials and invite them to make a model of their church or children's group. This can be done on a paper plate or a sheet of paper so that they can include words or sentences if they would like to. 

Encourage discussion whilst they are making their models. When the models are complete, invite each group to feedback and explain their model. It is a good idea to take notes during the discussions and feedback, in order to capture what they are saying. You could also take a photograph of each model. These can then be displayed and fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders. 

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