Introduction and Acknowledgements

In compiling these listening ideas I have drawn from or adapted from a wide range of sources. 

These Include: 

Save the Children, The Children’s Society, Participation Works, Blackpool’s Access & Participation, The Children’s Fund, Jane Tibbs the Children’s and Families Adviser from the Diocese of Bath and Wells, The Education Department from the Dioceses of Worcester and The Education Department from the Diocese of Wakefield. Other diocese have also contributed ideas and suggestions. I have also added some new ideas *. 

N/B When using the resources to listen to children / young people, remember that they are only there as a guide and that you can adapt them to suit your situation, group or consultation topic. The methods you adopt are only tools, the most important elements of any consultation are: 

  • Really listening to what is being said 
  • Putting into action what is appropriate 
  • Reviewing the impact with those you consulted with 

When using these resources you can discuss any subject. Suggestions might include: 

  • Church 
  • Worship 
  • A youth /children’s group 
  • Faith 
  • Planning an event or residential or new initiative 
  • Appointing a new youth / children’s leader or a vicar 
  • Evaluating something 

For all of the ideas you should follow all safeguarding guidelines, for some of the ideas you will need to obtain additional permissions or consent

Further Reading 

Children as Partners in Planning by L. Fajerman, M Jarrett & F. Sutton 

A practical training manual aimed at childcare workers consulting with children on local 

childcare plans. ISBN 1 84187 031 5 


Children's Rights: Voice by Nicola Edwards 

An illustrated book looking at the right of all children to have a say in how they live their lives. 

ISBN 0 237 52554 2 


Participation Spice it Up! by Carol Shephard 

Easy to use activity pack essential for anyone who works with children or young people. 

ISBN 1 84187 062 5 


Never Too Young by Judy Miller 

An information pack for early years workers on participation amongst young children. 

ISBN 1 84187 075 7 


The School Council: A Children's Guide by Faye Sutton 

A colourful step-by-step guide for children on developing and maintaining a school council. 

ISBN 9781841870144 


Good Council Guide by Save the Children 

Practical guidance on setting up or improving a school council so that students are involved. 

ISBN 1 84187 093 5

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