Commercial Break

You will require 

  • A video camera 
  • Props 

Invite the children / young people to make a three minute advert to share their ideas and views about something. It can be funny or serious. You might want to encourage them to produce a loose script before they start filming as they only have short amount of time to get their ideas across 

Examples might include: 

  • Why they go to church and what they like or dislike about it? 
  • How church might look if they were in charge? 
  • What they like or dislike about their youth / children’s group? 
  • What they might say to the PCC? 
  • What they would most like to see in a new vicar or youth / children’s leader? 
  • How they can share their faith with others? 
  • What they would do in an event that you are planning? 

If this activity is done in small groups, it is a good idea to watch the finished adverts together identify any common themes or ideas. These can then be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders using this fun and effective method of getting views across

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