Agree-Disagree Twister *

Good for...


You will require 

  • A Twister mat 
  • Prepared statements 

Suggestions for themes 

  • Church 
  • Their youth / children’s group 
  • Worship 
  • The way the church reaches out to the local community 

Invite the children / young people to stand around the Twister mat in the middle of the room with their shoes off. Explain that you are going to make a variety of statements on a particular subject and that you want to gauge their views. Say to them that if they: 

  • Strongly agree: stand on a GREEN spot 
  • Agree: stand on a YELLOW spot 
  • Disagree: stand on a BLUE spot 
  • Strongly disagree: stand on a RED spot 

For younger children use words such as like, like a lot, don’t like. Three are normally enough. 

Example statements: 

  • Youth / children’s group is the best thing that I do outside of school 
  • Youth / children’s group is a place that I can invite my friends to 
  • Youth / children’s group is a place where I feel safe 
  • Youth / children’s group means that I can have a say on what happens at church 
  • At Youth / children’s group the adults will listen to my ideas and suggestions 
  • At Youth / children’s group I like the games that we play 
  • At Youth / children’s group I like how we can learn about God 

After each statement and move you could ask them why they chose to stand where they did. Where possible record their statements and ideas as it is important to follow up on what it said. They can then be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

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