Act it

You will require 

  • Props 

Invite the children / young people to produce a play so that they can act out their ideas and views about something. It can be funny or serious, short or long. Encourage them to prepare a story board or script first so that they can remain focused and get their ideas across in each scene. This can be done in one session or over a period of time. 

Examples might include: 

  • Why they go to church and what they like or dislike about it? 
  • How church might look if they were in charge? 
  • What they like or dislike about their youth / children’s group? 
  • What they might say to the PCC given the opportunity? 
  • What they would most like to see in a new vicar or youth / children’s leader? 
  • How they can share their faith with others? 
  • How the church can reach out to the local community? 
  • What they would do in an event that you are planning? 

If this activity is done in small groups, it is good to watch the finished play together to identify any common themes or ideas. It can sometimes be good to act out the plays to a PCC or Synod as it is less intimidating than doing a presentation or to be asked random questions. It is also a fun and creative way of getting their points across.

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