Sample questions about worship and the services

Sample questions about worship and the services

What do you most like about worship at church and what would you like to see more of?

Is there anything you don’t like about the worship at your church? Do you have any suggestions of how things might be done differently?

Is worship important to you, if YES why, if NO why not?

How could adults, children and young people do more together during a worship service?

Do you feel included when we have Communion, if YES why, if NO what more could be done to include children/young people?

How can children /young people be more involved in worship in your church, any suggestions?

How could children / young people be more involved with the planning or leading of worship at church, do you have any suggestions?

Would you like to be involved in a worship service, if YES how?

What songs do you like to sing at your church, any suggestions?

Are there any songs or activities in a worship service that you don’t like? Why?

What would a worship service look like if children / young people were in charge?

How can the church use your gifts or the gifts of other children/young people in worship service?

Is there anything you don’t understand about the services in our church, if so, how can those leading worship help to make things clearer?

How long should the worship services be and what would you include or take out?

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