Sample questions about the Church continued

Sample questions about the Church continued………

How could your church link with the local schools and uniform groups? Do you have any suggestions?

Do you feel welcome in your church,  if YES how, if NO what could be done to make you feel more welcome?

How are children / young people shown God’s love in your church?

Would you invite your friends to your church, if YES why, if NO why not?

Is there anything that you don’t understand about your church, what might help?

Is your experience of church different to school, if YES how?

What do you think about belonging to a church family, how is this different to your home family?

Should the children/young people give money to help run your church, if YES how, if NO why not?

Is there anything that concerns or frightens you about your church, if YES what, and what can be done about it?

Does your church have good groups and facilities for children/young people, if NO what would you suggest?

If you could turn your church into the perfect church, what would it look like? Use words and pictures.

In what ways could your church better connect with your youth / children’s group?

Does church take place at a good time for children / young people, if not what would be better?

How important is it for you to go to your church?

Does your church give you the opportunity to meet / mix with other young Christians, if not what would you suggest?

What three words would you use to describe your church?

How could you find out what other children/ young people think about your church, what would you ask them?

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